Tuggeranong Festival 2011

The truth of love is performed by Amy, Carol, Ling, Lynn, Susan, Ting, Wei and Xiuping.
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Festival season has started and ACCEPA had their first community involvement in contributing the following five programs at the Tuggeranong Festival 2011 on 26 November 2011.

  • Chinese fan dance “The Truth of Love”
  • Flute and violin duet based on a popular Chinese song “Two Butterflies”
  • Chinese folk dance “Full Moon and beautiful Flowers”
  • Modern dance “Bulletproof”
  • Traditional Chinese fan dance “Moonlight on the Spring River”

Their elegant and graceful performances won applause and appreciation from audiences.

These are some of the photos taken during the performances:

The Truth of Love Fan Dance 1
The Truth of Love Fan Dance 2
Moonlight on the Spring River Fan Dance 1
Moonlight on the Spring River Fan Dance 2
Two Butterflies – Flute and Violin Duet by Jessica Zhang and Lisa Zhu

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