World Watch Report's Research on iPhone ApplicationsApple's iPhone is hot, luxury wrist replica watches are hot. So why wouldn't you combine both of these? An increasing number of watch manufacturers are creating iPhone applications for watch freaks which are desirous to discover their best brand (like Jaeger-LeCoultre did) or just to showcase their line-up of replica watches.World Watch Report (IC-Agency) chose to analyse the industry of iPhone applications for luxury brands and asked quite a few luxury replica watches bloggers, journalists and professionals through the luxury watch industry regarding their opinions and input. Being both an apple iphone fan and luxury watch blogger for many years now, plus an IT professional, I thought it may be smart to participate with World Watch Report.A number of questions were asked by IC-Agency i took a serious respond properly. All answers need some timely processing, so my guess is short answers is fine best.- What should brands keep in mind before launching a credit card applicatoin?Simplicity and useability. The Jaeger-LeCoultre iPhone application is a wonderful example of a useable application which consists of catalogue and watch school. The Breitling iPhone application will not be. Doesn't necessarily allow you to alter the approval, explore the latest models of etc. It is too static. Perhaps even more important, exactly what is the goal of the iPhone application? Is there a problem to tell the downloaders of which a software? Buy a watch? Explore our brand? Provide them with a sense 'join the club/you are in our club'?So, simplicity/useability, clear goal & audience. rolex datejust 2 - In accordance with you, which are the recommendations for the reason that field? What can brands concretely expect from this? Like any other development best practice for software or websites: useability is essential. There are lots of best / leading practices for software development that target useability. Several stuff that is ideally suited for is to appoint an airplane pilot team which is representative for audience. This pilot team really should be section of the prototyping lifecycle from the application. This can but not only phase out bugs/errors, but will also provide designers great feedback on useability , functionality as well as.Finally, an extra brand will be able to release/introduce an appropriate working application which is tried & tested by way of a representative team for luxury products rolex cheap .- Precisely what is your futurology watches ? Which evolutions can you see in the future?Platform independent applications that will enable users to own latest facts about the company, connect with other enthusiasts of the trademark (social networking) with the application and possess brand videos pushed to your iPhone (or whatever hardware platform used) on demand.You can view IC-Agency's presentation on iPhone Applications plus the Luxury Brands below:iPhone Applications & Luxury BrandsView more presentations from IC-Agency, Luxury Digital Marketing.We are very curious as to your tackle this. Makes use of the comments to share your ideas here. replica breitling watches cockpit
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