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Performances at Canberra Floriade 2015

ACCEPA Bluebell Dance Group was invited to perform at Floriade 2015.  The dance costumes were sponsored by the Multicultural Grants Program. The ACCEPA performances were made possible by the support of the ACT Government’s 2014-15 Multicultural Grants Program. (1) 竹林深处 Dai Zu Dance   (2) 看戏 Dance (3) 黄鹤楼 Vocal Solo (4) 柳琴独奏 Liu Qin Solo (5) 格桑拉 Tibet […]

ACCEPA Received 2015 IMB Community Foundation Funding

The IMB Community Foundation was established in 1999 to provide financial support to community groups with positive ideas and concepts to help them convert their ideas into working projects. Since its inception, the IMB Community Foundation has granted around $7.6 million to support 500 projects with a diverse range of themes and purposes throughout our […]