YOUTH by Samuel Ullman (13 April 1840- 21 March 1924) Youth is not a time of life; It is a state of mind; It is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; It is a matter of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions; It is […]

Fading Stars 残星

残星 – 周昕 北国正是春光好, 南澳天凉景色清。 繁忙世界多过客, 宁静江山少知音。 *** 徒有华发度浮生, 仍无锦衣示乡亲。 欲腾红霞留落日, 空对青冥点残星。 Fading Stars – Hsing Chou My homeland in the north is in spring so bright Scenery of Australia, my new homeland, becomes cooler and fair In northern busy world people passing by out of my sight Yet in this quiet southern country my […]

估客行(英译)Journey of Merchant

“Travelling the Silk Road: Ancient Pathway to the Modern World” is an exhibition developed by the American Museum of Natural History, New York and is now showing at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra Australia. The remarkable presentation of various cultural artifacts, textiles, musical instruments, raw materials and finished products depict the greatest trading […]

Appreciation 感恩

Chinese Translation by Feng Quan English Author Unknown I’ve been teaching now for over fifteen years and still haven’t found a  way to prepare for the last day of the school year.   The first day of school always begins with anxiety and nervousness as each  student, and myself, find their place in our little […]

Cocoon 茧

Chinese Translation by Feng Quan English Author Unknown A man found a cocoon of a butterfly. One day a small opening appeared. He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through that little hole.Then it seemed to stop making any progress. It appeared as if it had […]

骤雨打新荷(英譯) Sudden Rain Drums on Lotus Fresh

骤雨打新荷 【金】元好问 词 周昕 英譯 摄影 绿叶阴浓 遍池亭水阁 偏趁凉多 海榴初绽 朵朵蹙红罗   乳燕雏莺弄语 有高柳鸣蝉相和 骤雨过 琼珠乱撒 打遍新荷   人生百年有几? 念良辰美景 休放虚过 穷通前定 何用苦张罗   命友邀宾玩赏 对芳樽浅酌低歌 且酩酊 任他两轮日月 来往如梭 Sudden Rain Drums on Lotus Fresh by Yuan Haowen【Jin Dynasty】 Translation and Photogarph by Hsing Chou Green leaves densely shade Over the pond and pavilion Much […]

诉衷情近(英譯) Longing

诉衷情近【宋】柳永 詞 周昕 英譯 摄影 雨晴氣爽, 佇立江樓望處; 澄明遠水生光, 重疊暮山聳翠。 遙想斷橋幽徑, 隱隱漁村, 向晚孤煙起。 殘陽裏, 脈脈朱欄靜倚。 黯然情緒, 未飲先如醉。 愁無際, 暮雲過了, 秋風老盡, 故人千里。 竟日空凝睇! Longing by Liu Yong【Song Dynasty】 Translation and Photogarph by Hsing Chou The rain has stopped Air is refreshing I stand by the riverside building Gaze at distant limpid water shining And overlapping tiers Of lofty […]

The Bush 丛林

丛林 丰筌 翻译 James Lister Cuthbertson 原作 让我们从黎明到黑夜 都享有澳大利亚的蓝天, 让我们无须再作任何标志 无论我们的路途伸向何方。 让我们大白天时 能在林地里自由地歇息 — 呼吸着桉树的芬芳, 和清冷海风的味香。 让我们享有合欢的金灿 满载水露的空气, 和这最沉寂土地所展现 粗犷的美丽。 这些是使我们魂牵梦萦的喜爱, 愉悦的沉迷时光, 像头上天空一样的明朗, 像野丛林花一般的清香。 The Bush by James Lister Cuthbertson Give us from dawn to dark Blue of Australian skies, Let there be none to mark Whither our pathway lies. Give us when noontide comes […]

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