ACCEPA Art Exhibition 2013

This Exhibition, from 28 August to 15 September 2013, celebrated the Canberra Centenary by presenting selected art works by Chinese artists who currently live or have lived in Canberra. The artists participated in this exhibition were Cunde Wang, Jason Chen, Billy Chan, An Pan and Lay Chou. The exhibition was made possible by the support of the […]

Artist Mr Billy Chan画家陈丙光先生

Mr Chan was born in Hong Kong in 1940. He was a student of the Cantonese great painter, Master Chiu Siu Neong. At the age of mid twenties, he had his first personal art exhibition. His artwork was well recognised and appreciated. Later, he became a student of Master Dang Fan to further his learning […]

Artist Mr Jason Chen 画家陈锡然先生

His paintings have been selected for display in International Exhibitions in Beijing, Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. For more than ten years, he has also participated in numerous joint exhibitions and has held many solo exhibitions in Australia, winning a number of awards and has been invited to take part in art exhibitions during the […]

Artist Mr An Pan 画家潘鞍先生

Learn drawing and painting since five years old 1975-1979 as a professional artist worked in the army in China 1990 migrated to Australia Participated in many exhibitions both in China and Australia His works of art 潘鞍先生作品 Golden Season (Pastel) 金色季节 Street Band 街头艺人 Bride 新娘 Russian Musicians in National Folk Festival 民俗节庆中的音乐家 Floriade 花展 […]

Artist Mr Cunde Wang 画家王存德先生

A graduate of the Central Academy of Arts and Design in 1969, Mr Wang was engaged in textile and package design for 12 years. He joined the Beijing Institute of Industrial Design in 1982 as a lecturer and went on to become the Head of Department of Decoration. Mr Wang is also a member of […]

Artist Jane Lo Chou 畫家羅真女士

Learned Chinese painting from various masters whilst living in Taiwan. Migrated to Australia in 1987, now retired. Her works of art 羅真女士作品 Children playing underbanana trees 香蕉樹下兒僖圖 Red Roses 红玫瑰 Grapes and yellow birds 葡萄、黄鹊和黄鹂鸟 Picture of beauty 仕女圖 Butterflies and flowers 蝴蝶海�� Lotus 蓮花圖

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