Performances at Canberra Floriade 2015

ACCEPA Bluebell Dance Group was invited to perform at Floriade 2015.  The dance costumes were sponsored by the Multicultural Grants Program. The ACCEPA performances were made possible by the support of the ACT Government’s 2014-15 Multicultural Grants Program.

(1) 竹林深处 Dai Zu Dance  

(2) 看戏 Dance

(3) 黄鹤楼 Vocal Solo

(4) 柳琴独奏 Liu Qin Solo

(5) 格桑拉 Tibet Dance

(6) 高原蓝 Plateau Blue Dance Video

Click once on the video or  “Play” (■ or ▶) at the bottom left to start watching video. Click “pause”(‖ ) button at the bottom left when the white bar (download speed) is progressing slower than the blue bar (viewing speed) to allow download to catch up. Click the button again to play when the white bar is ahead of the red bar. Click the button at the bottom right to watch video in full screen mode.

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