Canberra Literati

Canberra Literati has been an important publication of ACCEPA to cultivate and promote understanding and goodwill among people of ethnic Chinese and Fellow Australians.

It is for ethnic Chinese and fellow Australians to express and depict their experiences and feelings through their articles and paintings. The publication covers timely topics including current issue awareness, articles on personal experience on immigration and settlement, important events of cultural, social, educational and medical nature that are relevant to the Chinese communities in the ACT and other states.

Six issues of Canberra Literati have been published so far and ACCEPA acknowledged that some of these publications had been made possible by the support of the ACT Government’s Multicultural Grants Program.

They have been helpful publications that benefit the new and emerging multicultural communities to fully participate in Canberra’s community life and have not only enhanced harmonic community relations but also contributed intangibly to the stability of the Australian society and to the harmonic relations between the Chinese language countries and Australia.

Canberra Literati Issue No. 1
Canberra Literati Issue No. 2
Canberra Literati Issue No. 3
Canberra Literati Issue No. 4
Canberra Literati Issue No. 5
Canberra Literati Issue No. 6

Since 2009, ACCEPA has also been compiling and publishing electronic versions of newsletters to report on various community activities that the association has organised or participated in during each year.

The newsletters reported on ACCEPA’s involvements in the National Multicultural Festival, Chinese New Year Celebration, Lantern Festival, Commonwealth Day Celebrations, the Youth Concert and other social activities such as Farm Stay at Pelican Sheep Station.

ACCEPA acknowledged that the publications of the newsletters were made possible by the support of the ACT Government’s Multicultural Grants Program.

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