Appreciation 感恩

Chinese Translation by Feng Quan
English Author Unknown
I’ve been teaching now for over fifteen years and still haven’t found a  way to prepare for the last day of the school year.
The first day of school always begins with anxiety and nervousness as each  student, and myself, find their place in our little world of the classroom.  We share that world together for the next nine months. I laugh, cry and  eventually celebrate the success as student’s progress. But the same emotions  of joy and sadness flow as I say good-bye on the last day of school. It’s like saying farewell to family that I may never see again.
I always manage  to keep a smile until the last student leaves. Then I sit and let the tears  flow as I look over the gifts left on my desk by departing students.
After all those days of wondering if I have made a difference, I look at  the cards. “You are the best teacher ever. I love you,” I read as I quietly  reach for the almost empty box of tissue.
学校的第一天,总是在焦虑和紧张中开始。和我一样,每个学生都在 找寻在我们这个课堂的小世界里的存在位置。接下来的九个月,我们共同分享这个世界。我笑、我哭、看着学生们渐渐长进。最后对自己的教学成功感到欣慰。但是在学年的最后一天,当我向学生们说再见时,又是同样悲喜交集的情绪,在我的心 中汹涌。就好像是和我或许再也见不到的家人们告别一样。
在过了那么多个怀疑自己是否造就了学生们什么的日子之后,我看着卡片。“你是我曾经有过的、最好的老师。我爱你。” 我一边读着卡片上写着的字, 一边静静地把手伸向已经快要空了的绵纸盒。