Tuggeranong Festival 2012

The Children, Youth and Adult Dance Groups of ACCEPA again performed at the Tuggeranong Festival this year on 1 December 2012.

The costumes for the dance program “Peaceful Night” were sponsored by IMB Community Foundation as part of ACCEPA’s “Happy Singing and Dancing” Project. Other costumes were sponsored by the Multicultural Grants Program.

The five programs contributed on the day are:
1. Peaceful Night  – This is a modern dance to express the feeling of freshness of the breeze in a peaceful night and the inner joy in the tranquillity. The performers were Amy Bartlett, Carol Zhang, Irina Chou, Ling Lin, Lynn Zheng, Mona Gao, Ting Lu, Wei Qi, Xiuping Jia, Yamin Zhou and Ying Liu.

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2. A Beautiful Place –  This peacock dance is one of the important folk dances of the Chinese culture. The peacock is associated with the symbol of happiness and fortune in the Chinese culture. The performers were Aimee Zhao, Cathy Gao, Jessica Zhang, Lisa Zhu.

3. Xinjiang Bell-drum dance –  This “Youth Sonata” is a Chinese folk bell-drum dance from Xinjiang performed by young dancers to reflect their happy childhood. It is also to express the sentiment that Sun will always rise tomorrow and the withered flower will bloom again next year, but our youth once is gone, will be gone forever.  Therefore, we should treasure our youth and don’t let it slip idly by. The performers were Ailin He, Alea Cheung, Annie Liao, Emma Stannard, Sheri Zhong, Isabel Jiang, Jieyi Yu, Rena Cao, Rui Low, Vanessa Wong, Tiffany Zhong, Amy Cai, Enling Liao and Yvonne Zhao.

4. Good Luck Charm –  福(Fu) is a Chinese character meaning “Good Luck”, “Fortune”  or “Blessing”.  During festival seasons, many Chinese families like to stick this character on the front door to wish everyone good luck during the festival periods. The performers were Aimee Zhao, Cathy Gao, Jessica Zhang and Lisa Zhu.

5. Adult fan dance –  This Chinese fan dance is to express “The truth of love” with graceful and elegant dance movements. The performers were Amy Bartlett, Carol Zhang, Ling Lin, Lynn Zheng, Ting Lu, Wei Qi, Xiuping Jia and Ying Liu.

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