ACCEPA Dance Groups Welcomed 2012 FCC-Australia Campers

Every year the Families with Children from China (FCC-Australia) met up for a camp, Ju Hui, in a different City of Australia. The purpose of the camps is to enrich the children’s Chinese cultural experience and to meet up with old friends and make new ones too. This year the Ju Hui was held in Canberra. The dance groups of the Australian Chinese Culture Exchange and Promotion Association (ACCEPA) were invited to perform at the Welcoming Ceremony on 29 September.

Despite the unusual cold and windy weather, the ACCEPA Children Dance Group performed their newly learnt folk dance “Drum Bell Youth Dance” and was well-received by more than 200 children and parents. The “Truth of Love” fan dance performed by ACCEPA Adult Dance Group and “A Beautiful Place” peacock dance performed ACCEPA Youth Dance Group were also enjoyed by all the audience.

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Some of the dance costumes and accessories were sponsored by IMB Community Foundation as part of ACCEPA’s “Happy Singing and Dancing” Project.

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