Communication Breakdown

(Author unknown)

A woman went to see her solicitor about a divorce.

“Well,” said the lawyer, “what are your grounds?”

“Oh, very nice,” said the client, “we have an acre and a half, lovely landscaping…”

“No,” said the lawyer, “that’s not what I meant. For instance – do you have a grudge?”

“Not really,” replied the client, “but we do have a very nice carport, takes two big cars…”

“Madam, you fail to understand me,” persisted the solicitor. “Let me give you an example – does he beat you up?”

“Oh, yes,” said the woman, “he’s up first every morning, brings me a cup of tea in bed.”

“NO!” roared the solicitor.  “This isn’t what I’m getting at! Let me just ask you, madam, plain and simple – why do you want a divorce?”

“Well,” said the client, “we just can’t seem to communicate any more.”

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