Sydney Opera Performances on 30 July 2014

(1) 茉莉花 Jasmine Flowers (2) 踏歌 Step on the Songs (3) 爱的真谛 The Truth of Love (4) 送你一朵玫瑰花 Send You a Rose  

Gather Together for the Future Arts Festival 为未来而来·2014首届国际艺术节

北京夕阳秀中老年文化事业发展基金会, 堪培拉中华文化协会联合澳洲各大协会及其他国家的一些社会团体定于2014年7月30日(星期三)在悉尼歌剧院联合主办“为未来而来·2014首届国际艺术节” “Gather Together for the Future: The First International Arts Festival 2014”  is to be held at the Sydney Opera House on Wednesday 30 July 2014 commencing at 6:30pm. This International event is proudly brought to you by the Beijing Sunset Show Senior Culture Undertakings Development Foundation, visiting Australia for the first time, supported […]

ACCEPA Art Exhibition 2013

This Exhibition, from 28 August to 15 September 2013, celebrated the Canberra Centenary by presenting selected art works by Chinese artists who currently live or have lived in Canberra. The artists participated in this exhibition were Cunde Wang, Jason Chen, Billy Chan, An Pan and Lay Chou. The exhibition was made possible by the support of the […]

Artist Dr Le Fei艺术家乐飞先生

Graduated from Shanghai Medical University in 1982 and came to Australia in 1989 for Ph.D. Study. In 1992, he was awarded a Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry in University of Queensland, Brisbane. He then worked in Sydney, USA (Denver, Colorado and Jacksonville, Florida) and Adelaide as a medical scientist from 1992 to 2000. He has been […]

Artist Mr Billy Chan画家陈丙光先生

Mr Chan was born in Hong Kong in 1940. He was a student of the Cantonese great painter, Master Chiu Siu Neong. At the age of mid twenties, he had his first personal art exhibition. His artwork was well recognised and appreciated. Later, he became a student of Master Dang Fan to further his learning […]

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