YOUTH by Samuel Ullman (13 April 1840- 21 March 1924) Youth is not a time of life; It is a state of mind; It is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; It is a matter of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions; It is […]

诗中的思念 Longing in the Poem

诗中的思念 – 乐飞 于2008年 寒窗 被晚风轻轻地推响 梅的疏影 摇碎了一帘的月光 藏在诗中的思念 悄然窥望 似乎听见 心灵的寂寞声 珠落玉盘 ***** 寂夜 凝固了心灵的忧伤 泪眼紧握的素笺 将墨池里浸润的思念 写成没有标点的诗行 海枯不变,地老天荒 ***** 春天 仅是一个童话的绽放 冰雪的世界 掩没了石头的梦想 枫红被南雁衔走 月亮被霜天埋藏 风中伫立 等待着 一双眸子的星光 划过寒冬的晚上 Longing in the Poem by Le Fei 2008 translated by Hsing Chou 2013 window at cold night rattled by evening wind trying to come […]

Fading Stars 残星

残星 – 周昕 北国正是春光好, 南澳天凉景色清。 繁忙世界多过客, 宁静江山少知音。 *** 徒有华发度浮生, 仍无锦衣示乡亲。 欲腾红霞留落日, 空对青冥点残星。 Fading Stars – Hsing Chou My homeland in the north is in spring so bright Scenery of Australia, my new homeland, becomes cooler and fair In northern busy world people passing by out of my sight Yet in this quiet southern country my […]

Old Pine and New Moon老松新月

Old Pine and New Moon by Hsing Chou I was a never contented wanderer Struggle till now and settled for poor Travelled many places on one way roads Why pathways always look familiar *** An old pine tree stands straight ahead Half crescent moon rising fades stars away Waken up among flowers after drunk Washed […]

估客行(英译)Journey of Merchant

“Travelling the Silk Road: Ancient Pathway to the Modern World” is an exhibition developed by the American Museum of Natural History, New York and is now showing at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra Australia. The remarkable presentation of various cultural artifacts, textiles, musical instruments, raw materials and finished products depict the greatest trading […]

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