2015 AFC Asian Cup in Australia

19 November 2013 23:41  Asian Cup 2015 (Qs) MD5: China 0-0 Saudi Arabia China remained second in Group C, but with third-placed Iraq beating Indonesia 2-0 in Jakarta, they must avoid defeat when they meet the Middle Eastern side in their final group game next March to secure their passage to Australia. AFC Asian Cup […]

Canberra’s Centenary Celebration on 9 November

Canberra’s rich cultural diversity celebrated Canberra’s Centenary with a multicultural bus tour and open day organised by the Centenary of Canberra and Canberra Multicultural Community Forum Inc. ACCEPA also contributed to the celebration and the ACCEPA Children and Adult Dance Groups performed three dances in the Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre on Sunday 9 November 2013. […]

ACCEPA Art Exhibition 2013

This Exhibition, from 28 August to 15 September 2013, celebrated the Canberra Centenary by presenting selected art works by Chinese artists who currently live or have lived in Canberra. The artists participated in this exhibition were Cunde Wang, Jason Chen, Billy Chan, An Pan and Lay Chou. The exhibition was made possible by the support of the […]

2013 Multicultural Festival and Chinese New Year Celebration

Canberra Communities celebrated 2013 National Multicultural Festival from 8 to 10 February. Children and Adult Dance Groups of the Australian Chinese Culture Exchange and Promotion Association performed dances,  to celebrate together with other Chinese Groups, the Chinese  New Year Day on Sunday 10 February. The costumes for the dance programs, “Lantern Dance Jubilation” and “Peaceful Night” were sponsored by IMB Community […]

Chinese Community Celebrating Chinese New Year 2013

Canberra Chinese Community is welcoming the National Multicultural Festival from 8 to 10 February 2013 to celebrate Chinese New Year of Snake. National Multicultural Festival Chinese New Year 2013 Event Programs Prime Minister’s Chinese New year Message: Message from Prime Minister for Chinese NY 2013 Prime Minister’s Lunar New Year Message 2013.pdf Message from Senator for […]

Christmas Party 2012

The Splendid 2012 Christmas Party held on 9 December 2012 was jointly organised by ACCEPA, Canberra Australasian Christian Church (CACC) and ACT Chinese Australian Association (ACTCAA). Click SL to watch slide show; click FS for full screen.  

Tuggeranong Festival 2012

The Children, Youth and Adult Dance Groups of ACCEPA again performed at the Tuggeranong Festival this year on 1 December 2012. The costumes for the dance program “Peaceful Night” were sponsored by IMB Community Foundation as part of ACCEPA’s “Happy Singing and Dancing” Project. Other costumes were sponsored by the Multicultural Grants Program. The five programs […]

ACCEPA Dance Groups Welcomed 2012 FCC-Australia Campers

Every year the Families with Children from China (FCC-Australia) met up for a camp, Ju Hui, in a different City of Australia. The purpose of the camps is to enrich the children’s Chinese cultural experience and to meet up with old friends and make new ones too. This year the Ju Hui was held in […]

ACCEPA Received 2012 IMB Community Foundation Funding

The IMB Community Foundation was established in 1999 to provide financial support to community initiated projects. Since its inception the IMB Community Foundation has granted more than $6 million to support almost 350 projects within our local communities. The Community Foundation supports a diverse range of project themes with a wide variety of objectives. This […]

NMF Chinese New Year Event 2012

Dancing and Music performances by the Australian Chinese Culture Exchange and Promotion Association at the National Multicultural Festival Chinese New Year Event on 12 February 2012 Click SL to watch slide show; click FS for full screen. Click “play” to start watching video. Click the button at the bottom right to watch in full screen […]